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About Device SA

Device SA offers complete cradle to grave IT lifecycle services all under one roof. We collect, warehouse, configure, deliver and install new equipment and then collect, data sanitize, refurbish and remarket the old equipment. Our particular specialty is the end of life / end of lease asset disposals of large corporates and IT finance houses. We help our clients to realize maximum residual values on their old equipment while maintaining strict control of the entire disposal process, ensuring data security, adherence to applicable legislation, environmental responsibility and best business practices.

  • Size: Device SA is the largest IT refurbishing company in Africa.
  • Facility: 4000sqm high security facility in Wynberg, Sandton.
  • Staff: Well established full-time staff compliment.
  • Fleet: We have our own fleet, payloads ranging from 500kg – 8ton.
  • Processing Capabilities: 5000+ units per month comfortably, can gear to 10 000+ as required.
  • Logistics Capabilities: 10 000+ units per month comfortably. National capabilities.
  • Storage Capacity: 40 000+ units.
  • Stock Holding: PCs, LCDs, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Specialized IT Products, Parts.
  • Services Clients: IT Manufacturers, Government Departments, Banks, Finance Houses, Multinational Corporations, Listed Companies,
  • Sales Clients: Colleges, Schools, Listed companies, Small Businesses, Computer Dealers, Smaller Refurbishers, NGO/NPO’s, Parts Dealers, IT Maintenance Contractors,
  • Warranty: Most of the equipment refurbished by Device SA carries a 6 month “carry in, carry out” warranty.



Device SA History 

Device Global Technology SA (Pty) Ltd was established in 2002 by Device Global, an international IT services company based in the Netherlands with operations across Europe. In 2005 Device SA became South African owned. The change of ownership enabled Device SA to better position themselves in the local market, combining the efficient structures of the European founders with the flexibility required for the South African market.

The core business of Device SA is reverse logistics and refurbishing. IT equipment that has reached the end of its leasing period or useful life needs to be removed from corporations to make place for new equipment. Most of this used equipment still has financial value. Device SA has become a market leader in the refurbishing and remarketing of IT equipment. Device SA also takes care of the disposal of assets which have no financial value in an environmentally friendly and legally compliant manner.

Device SA has grown substantially since its establishment and change of ownership. This growth has allowed Device SA to purchase complimentary companies in the industry, absorbing their infrastructure and expertise. There has been growth in both the number of projects and the scale undertaken. The availability of such large quantities of stock has enabled the growth of sales both on a supplier and customer level. Device SA looks forward to a future of continued growth and development in the South African IT sector.

About Refurbished Equipment

How do you refurbish the IT equipment?

Device SA follow strict refurbishing processes to ensure that the equipment which we sell is in good working order and that all local legislation (POPI, Second Hand Goods Act, National Environmental Waste Act etc.) is upheld. We do this to protect our suppliers, ourselves and the customers which we remarket to the peace of mind knowing the equipment has been certified refurbished by us. This is the basic outline of the refurbishing process:

Arrive on supplier site, scan all equipment, package, pack, transport to Device.

Arrive at Device, scan all equipment, confirm quantities line up.

Secure data sanitation. This takes 2-12 hours depending on hard drive size.

Perform a technical audit of the equipment. The specifications and functionality of each component in the equipment is tested and recorded.

Perform a cosmetic audit. The cosmetic condition of each unit is checked and recorded.

Repair or replace any faulty components.

Repair or replace any panels which are not cosmetically acceptable.

Units which are beyond economical repair are stripped for parts.

Faulty parts and damaged panels are recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion (In 2016 Device SA purchased an electronic waste recycling company so much of this process is handled in-house).

Clean the equipment. This involves removing panels cleaning and then reassembling.

Book the working equipment into stock.

Remarket the equipment.

Prepare the orders to customers specifications, and perform a quality control test.

Package the equipment.

Dispatch to the client.

What are product grades?

Product grades categorize the cosmetic condition of equipment, not the functionality. Grade A, A- (A minus) and B are all 100% functional. Most of the equipment we sell is A Grade, therefore only equipment which is A- or B Grade have their cosmetic grading listed. It is important to understand that the equipment is not new.

Desktops / Thin Clients / Towers / Workstation Towers:

A Grade: Good cosmetic condition. Fair wear and tear (light scratches / dents / blemishes) allowed.

A- Grade: Fair cosmetic condition. Minor scratches / dents / blemishes.

B Grade: Poor cosmetic condition. Major scratches / dents / blemishes.

Laptops / Workstation laptops:

A Grade: Good cosmetic condition, fair wear and tear (light scratches / dents / blemishes) allowed.

A- Grade: Fair cosmetic condition, minor scratches / dents / blemishes. Visible wear on the palm rests or keyboard. Hairline cracks to the casing.

B Grade: Poor cosmetic condition, major scratches / dents / blemishes. Excessive wear on the palm rests or keyboard. Cracks and minor breakages to the laptop casing. Damaged screen hinges including

Screens (LCD / LED):

A Grade: Good cosmetic condition, fair wear and tear (light scratches / dents / blemishes) on the case are allowed.

A- Grade: Fair cosmetic condition, minor scratches / dents / blemishes to the casing. Minor pressure marks or scratches on the screen.

B Grade: Poor cosmetic condition, major scratches / dents / blemishes on the casing. Pressure marks or dead pixels on the screen.

Printers / Servers:

Printers and Servers are not cosmetically graded.

What operating system and software are loaded on the machines?

None. All equipment is sold without any software or operating system loaded. The products which have an attached COA (Certificate of Authenticity) for an operating system have the COA listed in the product specifications, this is not loaded.

About Availability of Stock

How much stock do you have?

We specialize in bulk refurbishing and remarketing, so our stock holdings are always bulk. The website contains a selection of our most popular items, we generally hold 20-500+ of each item listed. We still suggest putting in your orders as soon as you decide what you want to avoid disappointment – because we sell in bulk we tend to move through our stock quite quickly.

Do you have stock not listed on this website?

Yes, the stock listed on this website is just a selection of the stock which we have available for sale. Generally, clients can find what they are looking for from the selection on our website. Please feel free to get hold our sales team by phone or email if you are looking for something specific which is not listed in the online selection.


All refurbished products on this website are sold with a 6 month carry in – carry out warranty. This means that the customer is responsible for bringing the unit to us for repair and for collecting the repaired unit from us. We also do out of warranty repairs for clients on stock purchased from Device SA, these are billed for.

General exclusions:

Electrical surge damage – We do not cover any electrical surge damage regardless of the cause.

Software – We do not cover any software issues under warranty.

Viruses – We do not cover any damages caused by viruses.

User damage – Physical damage, water damage, dropped / shaken hard drive, any repairs, any modifications, user tampering.

Abusive use – Overclocking, crypto currency mining, overuse, use for non-manufacturer intended purposes, use outside of intended duty cycles (printers are specifically susceptible).

Environmental damage – Use in overly hot / dusty / moist / humid / pressurized / altitude / otherwise inhospitable environments.

Product specific exclusions:

Desktops: None

Screens: None

Laptops: Electrically sensitive parts (AC adaptors, Batteries)

Servers: None

Printers: Consumables (Toners, Drums, Maintenance Kits, Fusers, Imaging Kits, Rollers etc.)

Workstations: None

Thin Clients: Electrically sensitive parts (AC adaptors)

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